The Chair Dance

I invite you to my company: dance with me and learn this seductive, sensual and feminine dance, express yourself and your femininity.

Warning: there is a danger that you will have a lot of fun learning how to dance, and that your body will be extremely grateful because you will do something great for it ❤️

Leia P., Ladies Tease Dance

1 on 1 Chair Dance Online

The individual online class takes place online and it is performed one-on-one with me. The program is adjusted to the individual’s requests and ability. You will need a chair, a little bit of space, an internet connection and 60 minutes of your time.

Click the button below and request your time with me:


Ladies Tease Dance™ Membership

The membership is designed as a once per week chair dance course: each week you’ll get access to a new dance routine. In addition, you will also get access to detailed exercises, different dance tips and tricks, and access to a Facebook support group.