Testimonials are a great way to present work in the world. So I invited two of my students, Hana and Nina, for an interview to talk about their experience with Ladies Tease Dance. I wanted them to talk about what brought them to my course, what is in it for them, how they feel, how it has influenced them. Their words, experiences, and impression are way more eloquent and expressive then everything I am trying to show you with my posts, videos, choreographies… 

In this blog post, you will find a short version of the interview, the full video will follow soon.

Let me first introduce both beautiful ladies: Nina first came to my dance class about 5 years ago and she is still attending it. She became my dear friend along the way. Hana came to my beginner’s class this January. I loved her energy right away and there was something in her energy that I was immediately drawn to. And when she started doing handstands and some other crazy things on the chair at the end of the class I was amazed and I immediately invited her to my advanced course where she’s still dancing. 

So, Hana, I remember you told me, that you started dancing chair dance to improve your femininity and movement. And not so long ago at the end of a class, you said how much more feminine you feel and that dancing started to show in your everyday life. Could you please tell us more about that, how did chair dancing affect you? Yes, as you’ve said, I was able to do handstands and some other crazy stuff but I wasn’t able to do a slow, soft, feminine move… it had to do with how I felt at that time, I felt stuck! I’ve always wanted to dance, but the classes were expensive and my parents didn’t have money to pay for it. So I started playing volleyball because it was free. And for a long time, I was doing sports that were more connected with male energy, e.g. trail running, mountaineering, climbing… But I started to feel that one part of me, the feminine part, was suppressed. And when I got an email from my friend, saying I need to try something, I did – it was you with chair dancing. And absolutely yes, I feel the femininity in me! It didn’t take long before I started enjoying the moves, the music, the vibe, the tribe, the slowness of the movement, the body control… And of course, I am changing with dancing, it affects my everyday life. For the first time, I can say that I’m falling in love with my body, and I see a beautiful woman in it. This might sound strange, but I feel more and more liberated and more and more relaxed with myself…

Nina, you are the most feminine woman I know! You are my inspiration and I love how much you’ve grown in the past years as a person. Your challenge, however, was elsewhere – you appeared confident in the outside but somehow you had issues with women. You mentioned that women you met were always jealous of you, you didn’t accept them and you preferred the company of men. Today you are surrounded by beautiful female friends and I wonder if chair dancing affected the relationship you have nowadays with women in any way? After all, in each dance class, you share dancefloor with so many other women… Or did your unacceptance of other women have anything to do with not accepting yourself? About my issue with other women: I always appeared confident on the outside but inside, I wasn’t really accepting myself. So my perception was that women were jealous of me and that they didn’t accept me, but in reality, the problem was in me – I felt I wasn’t good enough and I wanted to prove myself… In 2015 I started attending your classes out of pure curiosity. It felt really good: I felt accepted, I felt I can be whoever I wanted to be and that through dancing I can tell my story. And I learned I have to accept all parts of me, the strong as well as the weaker ones. When I started accepting myself, I first started accepting other women at the dance class and now I can see the beauty in every woman. 

Dancing is a fun way to stay active, it helps to keep you physically fit and healthy, and at the same time, it increases your strength, stamina, and flexibility. Both of you are sports types, you did many other sports before you started dancing, but I wonder how do you feel about that statement, would you agree with it? 

HanaOh yes, I couldn’t agree more!

Nina: I also agree with the statement. We do a lot of workouts before we learn dance steps and this is important because it helps us stay active. But besides the workouts, I love the other aspect of the dance class – the accepting and expressing ourselves and our femininity part… 

What were your expectations before you came to my class and how were they met? 

HanaI really didn’t have any. I was just trying to find myself and kind of hoping this would help! And it did! For sure! The most interesting thing is, that I didn’t just start to awake my feminine energy, but I also meet so many beautiful women. Which I love. And adore. I’ve got a women tribe around me, a new, small, dancing family…

Nina: I first came to your class out of curiosity… I always want to try new things but I never have expectations. I just let life lead me to the most amazing places and tease dance classes certainly are – because I can see women dancing and we are the most beautiful creatures in the world. 

What about the dancing part? None of you were dancers before you started attending my classesWhat did chair dance give you from a dancing perspective – did you find it easy/hard? To whom would you recommend it, who is it for?

Nina: I don’t find tease dance hard, because you Leia always say that we should not compare to other girls and I would add I only compare to myself – who I was, who I am now, and who I wanna become. For me, it’s important that I make progress in each class because things are only as hard as you see them. And being yourself is not hard, it’s such a relieving feeling!

I would recommend Ladies Tease Dance to every woman because I think it’s important that women express their femininity and the best thing with tease dance is that there are no rules, and it is like the dancing of our soul, you can do whatever you want… 

Hana I would recommend it to every single woman because it gives you so much! When I started dancing, a beautiful new world has opened for me, it feels like home. I still find dancing hard, but not in terms of physical complexity. I find it hard to isolate individual parts of my body, to smoothly connect individual moves, I sometimes find it difficult to balance…

And one last question: how does chair dancing make you feel? 

Nina: Chair dancing makes me feel accepted, I feel more confident, powerful, it makes me feel I can do whatever I want and that I can be whoever I am or want to be. I feel sexy, beautiful, inspired. 

Hana: I got nothing to add! I just feel wonderful! And beautiful, feminine. It’s amazing.

I hope you found this interview useful and that we brought Ladies Tease Dance a little closer to your heart. Click here for the full video.

Leia P.

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