April 16, 2024


We break down the basics of menace intelligence and its position in anticipating and countering rising threats

The menace panorama is changing into ever extra complicated and threatening by the day. Adversaries, starting from state-aligned superior persistent threats (APTs) to opportunistic cybercriminals, are well-funded, adaptable and relentless, concentrating on varied chinks in organizations’ cyber armors and sometimes catching organizations off guard.

In opposition to this backdrop, cyber deal with intelligence is changing into more and more extra crucial. It stands out as a strong device for offering organizations with actionable and well timed details about the ways and methods of unhealthy actors, in the end serving to defenders keep one step forward of threats.

On this episode of Unlocked 403 podcast, be part of us for an insightful dialog with Robert Lipovsky, ESET’s Principal Risk Intelligence Researcher, about:

  • what menace intelligence is,
  • the work of a menace intelligence professional,
  • the position of menace intelligence in anticipating and countering rising cyber-risks,
  • the way it comes into play in hybrid conflict..

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